Richard Dwayne Blair’s Financial Education

Richard Blair, the founder and head of Wealth Solutions, leads his company to provide retirement planning and wealth management to individuals in greater Austin, Texas. Blair strongly advocates a three-pillar approach to financial and retirement planning to all Wealth Solutions clients.


The first pillar is laying out a clear financial roadmap. Blair’s will guide his clients in forming this roadmap by identifying their personal goals, strength, risk tolerance, and growth opportunities.


The second pillar is developing a long-term strategy based on the things that were outlined in the formation of the roadmap. Doing this effectively requires Blair manage the client’s assets, at times rearranging them according to the roadmap’s goals.


The third pillar involves Blair and the client reviewing insurance needs together. Blair says this is especially important because absolutely no one can precisely predict when a financial storm might head your way. He is willing and very able to help his clients with life insurance, long-term care insurance, and annuities.


Blair has led Wealth Solutions, Inc. to its current stand as a $52M Ria company. It is also a Registered Investment Advisory firm. Education runs in his family. His mother, grandmother, and wife have all been teachers. He has likewise always been drawn to it. He sees his position as educational in nature—financial education. So after graduating from college in 1993, he jumped into a financial education life. The very next year he started Wealth Solutions. He was very knowledgeable of finances at that time but has become much, much more so in the many years since, especially when it comes to retirement finances.


His life goal is to help individuals learn to effectively manage their personal financial affairs. To this end, he constantly stays current on the latest policy debates and reforms. In fact, he will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the best financial education and advice from him. His clients have seen visible results so he knows his education and advice is working. He is definitely making a difference and all of the financial community is taking note.


Richard Dwayne Blair – Financial Planning Genius

The Man Behind the Genius


Richard Dwayne Blair is the man behind Wealth Solutions, an investment firm that is registered to advise. He began the company after graduating in 1994 to give personal and professional financial advice to customers. He has always had a love and an aptitude for numbers and financial investment. The company’s motto, is built on making a difference in the lives families and small business owners.


Richard Dwayne Blair uses education and finance to assist and teach individuals how to invest and plan for their financial futures. Richard Dwayne Blair specializes in bridging the worlds of current finances and future retirement goals. He uses strategic goals to give his clients the opportunity to have a successful plan for retirement.


Richard Dwayne Blair’s Strategy


Richard Dwayne Blair believes in giving personalized financial plans for his clients. He looks at each individual client and creates a plan that is specific to their needs. In addition, he uses his three pillar standards to approach and conquer the clients fears and misconceptions of funding their retirement. These standards are broken down to make it easy for the client to understand and grasp the necessary steps needed for financial growth.


Starting with the first pillar; Richard Dwayne Blair uses this step to gain the clients trust. In addition, he uses this step to learn how the client thinks in regards to finances. He picks up on the clients tolerances for risk, their financial strengths, and their financial goals. Blair does all of this in the first phase to not only gain trust, but to ensure that the client returns and has a lasting relationship with his firm.


The second pillar of his strategy; is the actual trending data used to tailor a unique plan for investing on the clients behalf. In this phase, Richard Dwayne Blair uses strategies to move money during peak performance to ensure that the client is not greatly impacted negatively and receives a high yield return. In doing so he can create an understandable portfolio with models and data to support decisions that were made on the clients behalf.


Finally, the third pillar of the strategy; is for preparing the client for incidentals. As always you can never predict the future, but it is always best to be prepared. Blair takes this opportunity to not only prepare the client for retirement; but also to help the client through choosing the right life insurance plan, long-term care if needed, and annuities. This last pillar also provides the client with liquid growth, which they will need in the future.


Mike Baur And Accelerating Businesses In Three Months

Speed may not be everything when you start a company because companies who grow too big too quickly may not be prepared for other financial challenges along the way. But if you can take their basic idea and plan and have it running in just a short time, their competitors may not crush them so quickly. That’s why Mike Baur is all about giving the right startups the platform to do this at his accelerator, the Swiss Startup Factory. This institution is where people with business ideas and plans can undergo training to help them present those ideas, and if at the end of the three month program they make the cut, Baur and other investors infuse them with capital and give them access to work space so they can launch.


While it may take businesses that Baur invests in only a short time to get fully functional, it was a little bit longer that he took to get to this point in his professional career. At one point it seemed banking was where he was going to stay forever because when he was still young and apprenticed at UBS Bank, one of the older managers there outlined a chart of his career showing how each place he arrived and each promotion he received would bring him ultimately to wealthy retirement. Baur was a bright young man and performed his duties so well that he earned recommendations from UBS’s board members. He seemed well on his way to where the elderly man said he would go, but some things changed at the bank later on in his career and not long before the recession of 2008, Baur left UBS. UBS was closed down shortly after, and while Baur did stay in banking a few more years at Clariden Leu and Credit Suisse, he would leave it altogether by 2014.


Mike Baur may have realized that banking was coming upon troubled times and that there was business success to be found elsewhere. One thing he noticed was a disparity between graduates who were looking to start their own businesses and access to the funds needed to do so. Baur knew he could get these new business ideas up and running with the right partnerships and the right investors, so that’s when he met some other former bankers and financial consultants and laid the foundation for the Swiss Startup Factory. The accelerator has been a tremendous success and has thousands of recruits who come every year. Baur often travels to universities around Europe and even the US to give seminars on accelerating a business, and in addition to the SSUF he is also a partner of CTI Group and Goldback.


Securus Technologies Progressive and Innovative Correctional Firm

The inmates need to talk to their friends and relatives on a regular basis, and it is this requirement that is fulfilled with the help of inmate communication firm. One of the most reliable inmate communication firms in the industry right now is the Securus Technologies. The company focuses on innovation and research and has an exhaustive range of a variety of products and services on offer to the inmates and the law enforcement agencies.


The law enforcement agencies trust and rely on the governmental information management system and services it offers along with the investigative services, which has helped catch many criminals. The investigative services offered by Securus Technologies assists the law enforcement agencies to work efficiently and maintain law and order situation in the community.


There are many new communication products that the company innovates, develops, and launches on a regular basis. One of the latest products that the company started recently is the video visitation service. It allows the inmates and their relatives and friends to interact with each other through a smart device in an interactive video session.


Such video chat enables the inmates and their relatives to talk to each other as well as see each other. It ensures that the family of the inmates doesn’t have to travel all the way to the prison to see and meet the inmate and can do so through video visitation remotely. Other services offered by Securus Technologies include phone services, video services, photo sharing services, money transfer service, investigative tools and solutions, kiosks, voicemail messaging system, and more.


The company published a press release on the internet recently where it shared some of the positive comments and the feedback it received from their clients, including police and the law enforcement officers. In the press release, the CEO of the company Rick Smith also invited anyone who is interested in their services to visit their massive technology research center located in Dallas, Texas so that they can themselves see the work they do.



Malcolm Caselle’s Transformation of the Gaming World

The Worldwide Asset eXchange has wholly changed the world of gaming serving more than 400 million online players. It has increased participation of various players in the virtual marketplace where one can now easily buy gaming assets. It has led to the reduction of transaction cost as one can now exchange their gaming assets with other players, a feature that was impossible in the past.

WAX being an online platform, there is a need for making sure that system is well safeguarded and hack-proof. WAX has put this into consideration and put various measures to ensure the security of the visual assets of the players. The tokens are also in such a way that they are attached to the relevant assets. Furthermore, the transfer of assets is done by transfer committee to eliminate the possibility of occurrence of fraud transactions. Failure of the transfer agents to do a good job will see them get a ban from Guilds.

WAX has now made it possible for fans and players to collect physical assets from various games as opposed to owning them virtually in the computer. This has been made possible by the transfer agents for they are able to monitor the physical location of the assets. These capabilities have improved the reputation of WAX as an asset transfer agent for they have really made the work much more manageable.

While marveling at the achievements of WAX as an organization, it is best that the person behind its good governs also receives some credit. Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur and currently the president of WAX. He studied both at MIT and Stanford University where he got his degree in computer science before venturing into the world of entrepreneurship.

He is also known as the core founder of PCCW, stationed in Hong Kong that is currently worth more than USD 35 billion. Malcolm has also worked as the president of CTO of tronc which was also dealing in digital assets. In general, Malcolm CasSelle has gathered vast experience in the digital world over the years thus enabling him to govern the companies that he has worked with successfully.

Ten Fashion Collections from Academy of Art University Students

In this year’s New York Fashion Week, ten emerging fashion designers from the Academy of Art University held their fashion shows. Undergrad and Graduate students from the University put on a stunning show that got attention from the fabulous Ms. J Alexander, a fashion icon who was on the show America’s Next Top Model. CFDA was very impressed with what students like Eden Slezin, who focused on the use of vintage denim, and Saya Shen , who focused on integrating her designs with digital prints, presented. Along with what other designers from the school presented as well. The students presented mens and womenswear and others were in collaboration with other collections. The students came from a variety of backgrounds and places like China and Mexico City. Each student explained their varies experiences and inspirations that inspired their collections.


The students studied at the Academy of Art University which was founded in 1929 by a painter, Sunset’s Magazine’s creative director and magazine editor, Richard S. Stephens. The school has always been under the leadership of the Stephens family from Stephens son , Richard A. Stephens and now under the leadership of Stephens granddaughter, Elisa Stephens. This is a for-profit , privately owned school located in San Francisco, California. The University boost an amazing Urban campus and holds classes online as well. Students can study subjects from Photography to Fashion design to etc.


This school has alumni who have been contestants on Project Runway like Alexandria von Bromssen, Runner-up and Melissa Fleis, 3rd-place finisher on Project Runway. They also lay claim to teaching the great Rick Baker himself. Amongst other alumni who have achieved multi awards and recognition around the world.


Just like any other University, the Academy of Art University has a sports team and is a part of the Pacific West Conference in nine sports in NCAA Division II. The school is better known for their track teams like cross-country and sprinters with producing an olympic sprinter by the name of Mobolade Ajomale. Their school colors are black and red and team mascot is the Urban Knights.



About NewsWatch TV

It is a half an hour TV show that airs every week in over 200 stations in the United States. NewsWatch is also an award-winning show that usually airs some of the celebrity interviews, app reviews, consumer news, government news and finally the public service announcements. Some of its TV shows highlights issues to do with so many problems affecting the community which include; travel and tourism features, health and medical gains, new products that have been released, fashion, consumer and business topics and campaigns to create public awareness.

The NewsWatch TV has its headquarters in Washington DC with some of its branches in New York and Denver. It is managed by a media company known as Bridge Communications, which is a communication and video production company.


Reviews and Testimonials

Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

A company known as Avanca had a crowdfunding Campaign which was to assist them in one of their projects. They had a goal of $10,000 that was to be earned within 30 days. NewsWatch was hired to run some of the reviews, and the results were even shocking as they got more than they what they expected. They raised over $450,000 within 30 days which was such a huge success. (


Contour Design Campaign Goals

Contour Design had an objective which was to market their workstation using the NewsWatch TV platforms with the aim of increasing exposure and sales. Their primary intention was to get the employers and their employees services from the company that will make them confident in work environment. The results after the adverts were tremendous, the sales started to shoot up, and the reviews got to so many Americans who were responding well.


Saygus Smartphone Campaign

This is a Smartphone Manufacturer Company based in the United States that was seeking to market a new Smartphone that they manufactured. NewsWatch TV was the firm given the job to run reviews on National TV and other platforms. The results were excellent especially after NewsWatch made a promotion in a Barcelona Conference. Clients started streaming in at their retail shops, and their sales went up.


Waiakea Water Manufactures a Fully Degradable Plastic Bottle

Waiakea, a Hawaiian volcanic water company, plans to use a fully degradable bottle by 2018. It will achieve the objective by reducing the lifespan of the normal plastics by 98%. The technology is expected to change the CPG industry throughout the world. The 100% recyclable bottle will use TimePlast, a nano-degradation additive. The material is expected to reduce the lifespan of plastic from 1500 years to 15 years.

In developing the bottle, the CEO and founder of Waiakea said that the company had to approach different polymers. Most scientific research has focused on methods of making plastic stronger. On the contrary, Waiakea`s product will seek to make polymers weaker. Most companies have managed to produce compostable materials, that still pollute the environment. Waiakea`s product is biodegradable.

Up up and away. || @mikeborchard

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The company conducted 1,200 experiments to come up with the biodegradable plastic. Ryan Emmons, the CEO of Waiakea, explained that performing experimental processes, to find the right characteristics, was the biggest challenge. The firm also encountered challenges in acquiring a patent approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The cost of manufacturing the product is relatively low. This means that the idea can be absorbed into the CPG industry, throughout the world. Although the new plastic requires a high-cost RPET, the cost of TimePlast is negligible. The bottles can be recycled to reduce the operational costs.

About Waiakea

Waiakea was the first Hawaiian volcanic water company to be established. The firm was founded by a 22-year old entrepreneur, Ryan Emmons, in 2012. Waiakea offers unique premium water. It adapts to an exclusive platform of healthy and sustainable products.

The company sought to initiate a global transformation in the CPG, bottled water and beverage industries. Ryan believes Waiakea can inspire positive changes and create a meaningful lifestyle. The company has grown over the past years to become one of the largest plastic companies in the world.

Waiakea has a mission to conserve the environment, as it delivers healthy and delicious volcanic water to Hawaiian residents. The company is certified by the CarbonNeutral because of its eco-initiatives, including sustainable sourcing, regional reforestation and its use of 100% RPET packaging material.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea with Dentistry

When it comes to the busy schedules of most people, sleep is one of the most overlooked parts of the human health. It is of great importance to take care of the time you engage yourself to sleep. This is because sleep is the best gift you could ever give to your body when you are not in good shape. People who have amassed a great amount of wealth by denying themselves enough sleep will end up using that money in future to commit themselves to sleep with the expensive medication out there in the medical industry. As much as you want to achieve, you should also give thanks to your body.

It is also uncommon to find the older people advising the young people that sleep is a sign of laziness. While too much sleep denotes that one is lazy, the body needs enough sleep so that it can rebuild itself for better business work for the next day. For most people, they will always be engaged towards working for better business if they achieve the desired business goal. There is a wide range of undesirable consequences that come when you deny yourself enough sleep during the night. There are serious health implications when you deny yourself enough sleep during the night.

Sleep deprivation will make your eyes bloodshot. This is a common sign among the people who lack enough sleep. They also have wrinkles on their faces. Another research also shows that sleep is also associated with longevity. It also states that the opposite is true. There are also many healthy implications that emanate from lack of enough sleep such as the development of the heart disease.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a prominent dentist based in the United States. For over two decades of professional experience, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has worked to become part of the solution to sleep apnea, which affects many people. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also developed a wide range of the FDA-approved medication and therapies to help treat sleep apnea. His contribution towards finding the cure for the disease is unparalleled.

Daniel Mark Harrison: The Expert Opinion You Need in Business

Daniel Mark Harrison, a well-known businessman, media guru, and an author, is the benefactor of the DMH&CO as well. The company is an established family office and has a network of workstations in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. The company is involved in the management of both his assets and his families’ assets.

Harrison studied journalism at the New York University before proceeding to the Bi Norwegian Business School to further his education. After completing this course, he worked for a couple of years before going back to Oxford University and the lancing college. He studied courses of business management in both these institutions. He attributes his success in business to the vast knowledge he acquired while still in college.

Also, he has a managing role in the two huge investment companies; Fintech and Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital is known to be a hedge fund that has recently been involved in the lucrative business. The hedge fund was used to finance Blockchain Systems and the Space X contracts. These two enterprises are revolutionary as the Space x contracts will be the first company to sell the options of pre-ICO in the IT industry.

Besides, space x Enterprise Company has got a uniquely qualified management team consisting of top-notch tech gurus in the world. Their expertise has enabled this company to develop highly efficient operating systems. That, in turn, has facilitated the company to innovate new and exciting products.

As a journalist, Harrison has worked with the best writers in the industry. He has been featured in major broadcasting stations like the Bloomberg, CNN, and the Reuters. Besides that, he has written articles for major outlets such as the, the Wall Street Journal, and the Portfolio magazine.

He was also a publisher and the editor in chief of Marx rand. Marx Rand is a famous news outlet that is renowned for publishing articles such as the failure of the FDA to accurately regulate drug manufacturing companies in the United States of America. In spite of all these challenges; Harrison has never let go of his pursuit of excellence.