Waiakea Water Manufactures a Fully Degradable Plastic Bottle

Waiakea, a Hawaiian volcanic water company, plans to use a fully degradable bottle by 2018. It will achieve the objective by reducing the lifespan of the normal plastics by 98%. The technology is expected to change the CPG industry throughout the world. The 100% recyclable bottle will use TimePlast, a nano-degradation additive. The material is expected to reduce the lifespan of plastic from 1500 years to 15 years.

In developing the bottle, the CEO and founder of Waiakea said that the company had to approach different polymers. Most scientific research has focused on methods of making plastic stronger. On the contrary, Waiakea`s product will seek to make polymers weaker. Most companies have managed to produce compostable materials, that still pollute the environment. Waiakea`s product is biodegradable.

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The company conducted 1,200 experiments to come up with the biodegradable plastic. Ryan Emmons, the CEO of Waiakea, explained that performing experimental processes, to find the right characteristics, was the biggest challenge. The firm also encountered challenges in acquiring a patent approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The cost of manufacturing the product is relatively low. This means that the idea can be absorbed into the CPG industry, throughout the world. Although the new plastic requires a high-cost RPET, the cost of TimePlast is negligible. The bottles can be recycled to reduce the operational costs.

About Waiakea

Waiakea was the first Hawaiian volcanic water company to be established. The firm was founded by a 22-year old entrepreneur, Ryan Emmons, in 2012. Waiakea offers unique premium water. It adapts to an exclusive platform of healthy and sustainable products.

The company sought to initiate a global transformation in the CPG, bottled water and beverage industries. Ryan believes Waiakea can inspire positive changes and create a meaningful lifestyle. The company has grown over the past years to become one of the largest plastic companies in the world.

Waiakea has a mission to conserve the environment, as it delivers healthy and delicious volcanic water to Hawaiian residents. The company is certified by the CarbonNeutral because of its eco-initiatives, including sustainable sourcing, regional reforestation and its use of 100% RPET packaging material.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea with Dentistry

When it comes to the busy schedules of most people, sleep is one of the most overlooked parts of the human health. It is of great importance to take care of the time you engage yourself to sleep. This is because sleep is the best gift you could ever give to your body when you are not in good shape. People who have amassed a great amount of wealth by denying themselves enough sleep will end up using that money in future to commit themselves to sleep with the expensive medication out there in the medical industry. As much as you want to achieve, you should also give thanks to your body.

It is also uncommon to find the older people advising the young people that sleep is a sign of laziness. While too much sleep denotes that one is lazy, the body needs enough sleep so that it can rebuild itself for better business work for the next day. For most people, they will always be engaged towards working for better business if they achieve the desired business goal. There is a wide range of undesirable consequences that come when you deny yourself enough sleep during the night. There are serious health implications when you deny yourself enough sleep during the night.

Sleep deprivation will make your eyes bloodshot. This is a common sign among the people who lack enough sleep. They also have wrinkles on their faces. Another research also shows that sleep is also associated with longevity. It also states that the opposite is true. There are also many healthy implications that emanate from lack of enough sleep such as the development of the heart disease.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a prominent dentist based in the United States. For over two decades of professional experience, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has worked to become part of the solution to sleep apnea, which affects many people. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also developed a wide range of the FDA-approved medication and therapies to help treat sleep apnea. His contribution towards finding the cure for the disease is unparalleled.

Daniel Mark Harrison: The Expert Opinion You Need in Business

Daniel Mark Harrison, a well-known businessman, media guru, and an author, is the benefactor of the DMH&CO as well. The company is an established family office and has a network of workstations in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. The company is involved in the management of both his assets and his families’ assets.

Harrison studied journalism at the New York University before proceeding to the Bi Norwegian Business School to further his education. After completing this course, he worked for a couple of years before going back to Oxford University and the lancing college. He studied courses of business management in both these institutions. He attributes his success in business to the vast knowledge he acquired while still in college.

Also, he has a managing role in the two huge investment companies; Fintech and Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital is known to be a hedge fund that has recently been involved in the lucrative business. The hedge fund was used to finance Blockchain Systems and the Space X contracts. These two enterprises are revolutionary as the Space x contracts will be the first company to sell the options of pre-ICO in the IT industry.

Besides, space x Enterprise Company has got a uniquely qualified management team consisting of top-notch tech gurus in the world. Their expertise has enabled this company to develop highly efficient operating systems. That, in turn, has facilitated the company to innovate new and exciting products.

As a journalist, Harrison has worked with the best writers in the industry. He has been featured in major broadcasting stations like the Bloomberg, CNN, and the Reuters. Besides that, he has written articles for major outlets such as the Street.com, the Wall Street Journal, and the Portfolio magazine.

He was also a publisher and the editor in chief of Marx rand. Marx Rand is a famous news outlet that is renowned for publishing articles such as the failure of the FDA to accurately regulate drug manufacturing companies in the United States of America. In spite of all these challenges; Harrison has never let go of his pursuit of excellence.

A Look at Louis Chenevert’s Success

Louis Chênevert is one of the highest achievers in the business management sector in the United States. He spent 14 years as the General Manager of General Motors. Later, became the Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. Chênevert has a bachelor’s degree from Universite de Montreal and has accumulated vast skills in management over the years. Chênevert worked for General Motors for more than a decade when he decided to move to UTC.

Pratt & Whitney
At UTC, he commenced his work in the Pratt and Whitney unit which is a unit of the organization. Six years later, Chênevert was elected as the President of the division in 1999. He held this position for seven years before becoming the CEO and president of UTC. Chênevert achieved a lot as the leader of the $100billion conglomerate. One of the most notable achievements that Chênevert is known for is the acquisition of Goodrich at $18.4 billion.

Many executives know Chênevert for his excellence in equipping knowledge and skills to his workers. He is also a strong believer in initiative and has demonstrated these traits numerous times. Chênevert has proven to be one of the most technological progress presidents that UTC has ever had. He was always looking out for better tech that could give the company an edge over the competition.

Scholarship Program
Under Chênevert, UTC introduced Employee Scholar Program aimed at covering the expenses that employees interested in further education incurred in their pursuits. The program has assisted more than 40,000 workers across the world in getting their bachelor’s degrees. For instance, the company has invested more than $1 billion in the United States only.

Other great achievements that Chênevert has brought to UTC include the manufacture of the second alternate engine for USAF after both General Electric and Rolls-Royce declined the contract. The deal left Pratt & Whitney as the only supplier of the engine to the government. The lobbying process was orchestrated, designed, and driven by Chênevert.

The manager has driven prowess and excellence in numerous spheres of the company. He has made UTC the top helicopter manufacturer in the United States. He has also driven the company’s productivity such that it dominates in the manufacture of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating equipment. Chênevert resigned and left the company in 2014 and went on to become an Exclusive Advisor to Goldman Sachs.

Daniel Taub’s Achievements in The U.K

Daniel Taub met the queen of England in 2011 for the first time when he went to present his credentials to be the Israel‘s Ambassador to the U.K. When handing over the letter to her majesty the Queen, Daniel had worn his usual striped trousers, morning tailcoat, and shiny black shoes.

However, he had a new hairstyle which seemed unique.1962 born British proved that even if he had become an Israel diplomat in the U.K., his practices and belief as an Orthodox remained through his dressing style.

During his tenure as the Israel’s Ambassador to the U.K, Daniel Taub always put Israel’s case first to the British government. He would also hold interviews on programmes like Newsnight and Today and had sessions with academics, women, and businessmen to boost the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom.

The ties between the two countries grew tremendously. His achievement did help not only both Israel and the U.K., but also the whole of Middle East: Gaza, ISIS, and Iran. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Mr. Daniel Taub noted that the entire Middle East was in turmoil and the situation needed to be handled with caution without dictating issues. In other words, he insisted that they had to look at the important issues to Israel and how that would be implemented and also the agreements that the U.K., had to sign with Iran and take both Iran and the U.K., to a new phase.

Mr. Daniel Taub was concerned with Iran case because of nuclear capabilities of Iran which if not resolved would cause loss of more millions of dollars to Hezbollah and Hamas.

He pointed out at both the Labor party of Israel and the British Labor Party as having both ideologies hence this should not be assumed. The matters of freedom of speech, women and minors and also the attitude to homosexuals are some of the issues both parties shared.

Mr. Daniel Taub was in the opinion that his primary job in the U.K. was to make people understand how the people of Israel were and the situation of Israel leadership.

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He was also categorical that the relationship between the U.K. and Israel was very different with other countries because the U.K. was very helpful to Israel in many ways and her people were good listeners.

Daniel Taub as the ambassador to the United Kingdom achieved so much and left a lot of admiration for the Jewish community in the United Kingdom.

Igor Cornelsen: An Expert in Banking and Financial Investments

Igor Cornelsen is a man who is an expert in the field of financial investments. Born and brought up in Brazil, he began his career in banking. At one point Igor Cornelsen was one of the top bankers in the country. He eventually switched his career from banking to focus primarily on financial investing.

Igor Cornelsen has written many articles on the subject of investing in the country of Brazil. He advises potential investors to prepare for the many rules and regulations they will encounter when investing in Brazil. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:  https://about.me/igorcornelsen1 and http://igorcornelsen.yolasite.com/

The rules and regulations are there to protect the fragile but growing Brazilian market. He encourages investors to plow through the paperwork and regulations required because, in his opinion, the financial results will be well worth the effort.

He also encourages investors to understand restrictions on foreign currency and to use authorized financial institutions when investing in the Brazilian markets. It is important for investors to use the correct rates for each transaction to avoid issues with Brazil’s Central Bank, which can intervene in transactions if they find they are not being done correctly. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

Igor Cornelsen recommends that potential investors get to know Brazilian entrepreneurs who enjoy sharing what they have learned through their own experience to help others avoid the pitfalls of investing in the Brazilian market.

Igor Cornelsen is now officially retired from investment banking and lives most of the year in Boca Raton, Florida. He still visits his home country of Brazil often. When not doing consulting work with his company Bainbridge Investments Inc, he enjoys golfing and has plenty of opportunities to golf in the “sunshine” state of Florida.

The career path of Hussain Sajwani that led to his success

In the early 1980s, Hussain Sajwani developed an interest in real estate and construction. The businessman was dissatisfied with how the construction business was handled. The quality which he expected from the catering companies was not met. From this dissatisfaction, the Damac owner had in mind an ideal catering company and the quality of projects that would alter the face of the business.


Development of catering business

Before Hussain started his DAMAC Company, he began with a catering industry which has grown to be one of the most popular. The company which was started with only one customer in 1982 is one of the most attractive today. The catering firm manages more than 200 projects, and over 150000 meals are served in a day.


The growth of the DAMAC properties

DAMAC has grown step by step to the current multi million company that it is today. With the start of a single project, DAMAC has been entrusted with several projects in the Middle East, Africa, United States and some parts of Europe. The company markets its services by the quality of delivery. According to Hussain Sajwani, quality of the service gives a company a positive and attractive image.


Hussain’s connection with Donald Trump

As a businessman, Sajwani has created a huge network of friends. One of his closest friends in is the current president of the United States. The relationship between Sajwani and Trump started before the presidency and it continues to date. Since DAMAC has handled a lot of projects, the president developed an interest in working with the businessman in the construction of a luxurious golf field. The project became the first successful encounter between the two businessmen.


Hussain Sajwani Family

Other than the business connection between the two, Sajwani explains that their relationship with Donald Trump is personal. The family ties go beyond the business relationships as their wives and children have close connections too. After Trump’s election as the president, Sajwani and his family attended the inauguration ceremony and the president elect recognized their presence at the event. The business mogul expressed his confidence in closer business ties with the president without compromising his position.


Visit http://www.damac.com/ to learn more.

The Outstanding Career Accomplishments of James Larkin as a Labor Organizer

James Larkin was a well-recognized Irish labor organizer who established the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). He started the group over a century ago, and it grew into one of the biggest and most influential workers union in Ireland. The organization ran well until in 1914 when he traveled to the United States. Larkin was an enthusiastic Marxist, and he managed his unions well until in the 1940s.

Jim Larkin was raised in the slums of Liverpool, England, and he did not have an opportunity to access a decent education. His parents were low-income earners, and this forced him to seek for alternative jobs so that he could support his family. He once got an opportunity to serve as a foreman at the dock of Liverpool.

James was committed socialist, and he believed that most of the dock laborers were being mistreated. He later decided to join the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) and managed to become one of the renowned trade union organizers in the region by 1905.

As a member of a trade union, James used militant strike methods that concerned the NUDL. The organization transferred him to Dublin in 1907. While in Dublin he decided to establish the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, which was a labor organization that was committed to uniting both the skilled and unskilled Irish industrial employees. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin and Jim Larkin – Biography

After a few years, Larkin had become a famous individual, and he started the Irish Labor Party. The union was recognized for leading several strikes. Jim led many industrial actions, and the biggest was the 1913 Dublin Lockout where he led more than 100,000 workers to boycott work for over eight months. The long strike enabled the laborers to be offered fair employment conditions.

The activist is also known for being the organizer of massive anti-war demonstrations in Dublin when World War I began. He then moved to the United States to assist Ireland in getting resources to fund its war against the British. While in the U.S, Larkin was arrested and charged for criminal communism and anarchy.

He stayed in jail for about three years and was later pardoned and deported back to Ireland. After returning to his country, he started the Worker Union of Ireland. His passion for his work as a labor unionist enabled him to be recognized by the Communist International in 1924.

Jim led the WUI in opposing a bill that was passed in 1941 to restructure internal trade unions. The bill threaten the existence of small unions and the various British Unions that had branches in Britain. The law was passed after a while, and Larkin moved to serve as the deputy of the Labor Party.

Jim kept fighting for the rights of workers until 1947 when he passed on at the Meath Hospital. His funeral service was led by the John Charles McQuaid, who was the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, and he was buried at the Glasnevin Cemetery. James Larkin is still a historical figure in Dublin.

Todd Lubar Advocates for Smart Homes

Technology is advancing by day. What seemed like a far future for the past generations is here with us. The young people today are exposed to technology way from their infancy, a thing that was unheard of from their parents. Television programs and movies from decades ago reveals the technology that was seen to be out of the world. Today, it is existing and is used by people of all ages. Video conferencing is one of the technologies that never existed 30years ago yet most people have at least tried using it.

Similarly, specific modifications to homes were made for persons with special needs. Ramps, for instance, were installed for individuals in need of wheelchairs, countertops would be lowered and appliances modified for the sake of those with specific disabilities. With modern technology, the home modifications go beyond the ancient accessibility modification. They are not limited to persons with disability but for anyone who is interested in making their lives easier. The smart lighting system where people can turn the lights on and off from their smartphones, would prevent any danger to come to the physically impaired and also make life easier for other people. The technology used here is advancement from the older version of modification.

With the smart technology, most people with disability get autonomy. With just a command, it is possible to have them to put the lights on. With virtual assistants, every person can benefit. According to an article on patch.com, using the Siri from Apple or even Echo from Amazon, it becomes possible for individuals who cannot type using the keyboard to search for information.

Given that technology will continue to advance, Todd Lubar has integrated the vast knowledge and experience he has on real estate and entrepreneurship with technology. He believes that in the near future all homes will be smart homes. It is for this reason that he takes the disused structures in Baltimore where he is based and turns them into smart homes.

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is recognized in the financial industry which he bases his interest of helping other people succeed on. Todd holds a B.A Degree in speech communication. For more info, head over to toddlubar.com

The Giving Spirit Of The DeVos Family

The Outstanding Career of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is an individual who has had an extensive and interesting career history. Dick DeVos worked as president of Amway International from 1993 to 2002. DeVos was the individual who was responsible for the company operations; in his final fiscal year with the company, Amway International as a was able to report over $4 billion in sales. DeVos was able to serve as the vice president and later as the president of the company during his tenure at Amway. Amway International is a company that operates in 50 different company countries, and DeVos was able to lead the company to new markets and his innovation contributed greatly to the company’s high spikes in international sales. Dick DeVos also worked as the president and CEO of the Orlando Magic basketball team. He acquired the team in 1993, and he had a fantastic three years.


Dick And Betsy DeVos Work As a Team

Dick DeVos is also the president of the Windquest Group. The Windcrest Group is a company that DeVos started with his wife early in their marriage. The Windcrest Group is a company that continues to have amazing success under the guidance of the Dick and Betsy DeVos.


Dick DeVos and His Community Giving

Dick DeVos and his wife are two individuals who are dedicated to giving to their community. Dick DeVos started The Education Freedom Fund, and the fund has been able to help hundreds of children in the Michigan area to acquire scholarships for college. Dick DeVos also has served on the Michigan State Board of Education. DeVos’s input has contributed to the renovation of the Grand Rapids Michigan downtown area, and he has dedicated millions of dollars to care for his city. DeVos was also a candidate for governor in the state of Michigan in 2006. Dick DeVos is also the author of a New York best-selling book, and the book has been translated into more than five languages around the world.


The Philanthropic Side of The DeVos Family

Recently, Dick and Betsy DeVos did an interview with Mlive.com. During the interview, they spoke about giving more than $139 million in philanthropic efforts. Betsy DeVos is the US Education Secretary nominee, and both Dick and Betsy DeVos are two individuals who are highly dedicated to Republican causes. Dick and Betsy DeVos have given over to $11.6 million in 2005 alone to charitable contributions. Dick and Betsy are also individuals who encourage their children to be givers as well. Their oldest son has given over $11.4 million in charity donations in 2005 alone, and he was named one of Forbes Magazines “Top Givers.”