Shea Butter Makes For Radiant Skin


When it comes to personal care or talking about beauty and the skin, Shea butter is a given part of the conversation. Shea butter is used in a large variety of beauty products that are on the market today. It is even edible, though that is much more uncommon.

The benefits of Shea butter have been known for many centuries, all the way to when Cleopatra used to use it as part of her own personal regimen. Shea butter used to be used all over Egypt because of the desert heat and hot sun.


Today, Shea butter is primarily used to keep the skin moisturized, healthy, and smooth. This is why many companies incorporate it into their products, regardless of what part of the body it may be going on, even the hair.


It is used all over the world to get better hair and skin because of the nourishing aspects of its Vitamins and Minerals as well as essential fatty acids. This allows it to fight off and treat many skin conditions, and most commonly, dry skin. It mimics the secretion of natural oils that the body produces as well, which makes it that much more effective and healthy to use. It can also be used for skin blemishes and acne because of the healing properties and acidic properties. Over time, Shea butter has been shown to slow down and even lessen the showing of wrinkles, along with strengthening the skin overall.


Eugenia Shea is offering one of the highest quality Shea butter products out there that is all natural as well. Their formula originated in Ghana, where Eugenia was born, and has been in the family for generations. Their products are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic, and can be used to treat most skin conditions because of the natural Eugenia Shea butter formula. It is important to do research before buying Shea butter products from certain companies because they use low quality or diluted forms to save money.

Securus Works During the Holidays

Securus regularly offers video visitation services for the jails that it is present in and it works hard so that the inmates of these jails can be able to keep up with their families and maintain the relationships that they have had outside of jail. This is something that Securus sees as a very important part of their business and they want to make sure that they are going to do this for their inmates so that they will be able to feel like they are not restricted from their family during the times that they want to talk to them.


One thing that Securus will regularly increase is video visitations during the holiday season. Most prisons and jails have certain policies for during the holidays and Securus fits into that. While many families will come to visit their loved ones who are in prison during the holidays, they may not get the chance to if they live far away or if they do not have the funds to be able to do so. Securus’ video visitation is the solution to the problem that many families have during the holiday season so that they can visit the people who they love.


Securus has been providing technologies to the jail industry since they have been in business. They have done this because they recognize that the old methods of communication within jail are not exactly modern and may not actually work for the people who are in prison. They want to make sure that they are doing everything that is right for the company and this is something that they have been able to do since the time that they have been in business. They work hard to ensure that the prisoners are able to communicate with their family members.


When it comes to providing visitations, Securus has recognized that it is better for the people to communicate by video. While there are many great reasons for people to have in-person visits, they are sometimes just not feasible. Video visits reduce the need for staff, allow more prisoners to have visits and give their loved ones the chance to make sure that they are doing things to keep up with their relationships. Video visits are more convenient for every level of the prison from the prisoners to their loved ones and even the administrators and the higher ups of the prison.