José Henrique Borghi: Benefits of Hiring an Advertising Agency

A reputable advertising agency takes the time to understand the client’s needs and works closely with them to determine how to meet those needs.

José Henrique Borghi provides advertising services to companies and entrepreneurs in Brazil and gathers pertinent information about his clients and their business or product before pitching their campaign ideas.

José Henrique Borghi is one of the most reputable advertising and marketing executives in Brazil and he can advise you on how to get more customers and boost your company’s profits tremendously. He has helped a large number of corporate executives, business managers and entrepreneurs to build their brand and attain the success they desire.

If you are in need of business promotions or marketing help, it is advisable to seek reliable advice or guidance. Although there are many firms that render marketing or promotional assistance, not all advertising or marketing firms are created equal and learn more about Borghi.

José Henrique Borghi comes highly recommended in the marketing and business advertising fields. He helps businesses with their advertising needs and can provide the help or advice you need to reach your prospects and sell products.

José Henrique Borghi has great expertise in creating and managing advertising campaigns for marketers and companies. He can help you establish a great brand and credibility in the marketplace.

These days, it takes great skills to create compelling business advertising that attracts attention and generate interest. José Henrique Borghi and his team at his Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe, are highly dedicated to rendering outstanding advertising solutions to clients. They are highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of business promotions and advertising.

José Henrique Borghi and the advertising team at his ad agency Mullen Lowe, can advise, guide and help you reach your audience in a cost-effective manner and read full article.

Brian Torchin: Medical Recruiter Extraordinaire

Brian Torchin started out in the medical industry, graduating from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s in exercise science. While working in the chiropractic field, he recognized the need for a more efficient way for medical professionals to find jobs in the industry.

Hospitals and medical offices don’t always post job openings publicly, so many qualified candidates are left searching without any guidance. Torchin saw an opportunity to rectify this growing problem by connecting offices in need of help with the right people to fill the positions. He starting HCRC Staffing in 2005 with this in mind.

According to Glassdoor, based out of Philadelphia, Brian Torchin uses his social media platforms as a way to post job openings in the medical field, as well as blogs with helpful tips for those searching. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

HCRC has over 200 clients of all different medical businesses from small practices to large hospitals in countries all over the world. HCRC connects eager employees to the sorts of jobs that will keep them engaged and working for the long term.

When searching independently, a qualified candidate will come across all sorts of pitfalls. Some of those include repetitive job listings, positions that are no longer available and listings from unverifiable companies.

HCRC provides career counseling, narrowing down the companies to ones that will fit the person’s resume and are reputable. With the creation of HCRC, Torchin put his own experiences of finding work in the industry to use helping those now in his situation. The company is growing globally, putting hard working professionals in the positions to benefit everyone.

Paul Mampilly; Taking Stock Brokerage To A Whole New Level

Paul Mampilly, the hedge fund professional, has a cumulative 20 years’ experience in hedge fund management. He is well versed with how Wall Street operates. In many instances, Paul has proven the worth of his skills by enabling his clients to acquire more wealth through strategic investments. Some of the big financial sector players that Paul has had an opportunity to work with include Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank, and ING. Capitalizing on the knowledge, he has acquired in the financial sector; Paul has built a robust trading and investment system that enables clients to predict the stocks with the most potential.

Paul’s career in the financial markets began in the year 1989 when he served as an account assistant of Chatham Street Management. He later moved to the Bankers Trust Company where he served as an accountant administrator and rose the ranks to become a manager in a short period of two years. Towards the end of the 90s, Paul Mampilly got the role of research analyst at the renown Deutsche Asset Management. Paul Mampilly never settled for less, his pursuit for bigger challenges that could build his career landed him in various organizations such as ING, Capuchinomonics and Kinetics Asset Management. In the dawn of the year 2011, he made a resolve to go all into entrepreneurship and began publishing his consultancy works.

Since Paul began his career as a publisher and investments consultant, his company Profits Unlimited has grown by leaps and bounds. The company has achieved a new feat of acquiring over 60,000 subscribers to its monthly journal. The subscribers get access to useful investment information and can get to know which stock is likely to perform well in the future. Through the Profits Unlimited platform, the clients are facilitated to purchase shares using accounts of theirs, unlike the traditional methods in which a stoke broker buys shares on behalf of other people who want to invest.

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Former Ownership of the Hawks Sues Insurer

The New Hampshire Insurance Company is being sued by the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. The lawsuit has been filed on grounds of breach of contract which is alleged to have happened during the settlement of some of the claims made by the company’s former manager. Included in the suit was the former owner of the Basketball Team, Bruce Levenson. Bruce sold the company back in 2015 after being in the leadership position for close to four years. However, the current leadership of the team was aware about the suit and did not want to get involved.

The lawsuit had been filed in the superior court in the Fulton County in September last year. The claim that was made included breach of contract and bad faith insurance. The former management team at the hawks explained that when the insurance cover was taken and the company started paying their premiums, they had been promised that they would be covered for all malpractices connected to employment laws. Their understanding was that this covered issues such as work place torts and even wrongful termination. The company gave notice to the insurer about the claims they were making against Ferry but there was no reaction about it.

According to ESPN, these issues started unraveling when Bruce ( decided to sell the company in the June of 2015. The six year contract that AHBE had had with the insurer was terminated when Tony Ressler took up ownership. The current group that is managing the team was reached for a comment on the matter but they declined to offer any information and maintained that they were not part of the entire issue.

The lawyers that are participating in the lawsuit claim that AIG has been taken to court because they refuse to address the claims that obviously fall within the terms that were described by the contract. They hope a speedy resolution will be found soon.

Nine9 the UnAgency Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is one among the few industries we cannot afford to live without, right? However, despite this realization, still, there have been very little efforts that have been undertaken to ensure that the industry thrives hence the formation of Nine9.

Anthony Toma, founder and CEO of Nine9 is one passionate entrepreneur and businessperson ready and willing to help anybody with the ambition and zeal to invest in their abilities. This trait is evidently shown through his Nine9 company and read full article.

According to Toma, the Nine9 franchise was not one that he had in mind when he started out; rather he was planning to engage himself in the grocery business. During his fact-finding mission while in the food industry, Mr. Anthony happened to come across a franchise engaging in acting and modeling and he ended up purchasing the franchise. After learning extensively about the business, Toma increased his business ownership to 26 franchises countrywide. Things, however, did not work well with the franchise and the investors ended up leaving the idea to Mr. Anthony who later developed the Coral Reef Productions Inc., in 2003 that now does business as Nine9.

About Nine9
Quite often you have heard the statement, “Nine9 is an “UnAgency” unlike any other talent agency”. This statement is no further from the truth. Nine9 is an UnAgency that prides itself in a helping its talented artists find success in the industry. With over thirteen years of services in the industry, the business has grown to become a reputable company in industry.

When describing Nine9, two things that will not fail to come to your attention is the advanced technology and the highly trained staff. Over the years, the business has been able to establish a detailed database that ensures its artists are getting numerous opportunities and casting from the industry. Their dedicated staff ensures that everybody is treated equally, with dignity and respect and learn more about Nine9.

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Hussain Sajwani; Astute Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Hussain Sajwani is a globally celebrated entrepreneur based in Dubai. He is the founder and current Chairman of DAMAC Group which is a luxury real estate company. DAMAC Group has its presence in over 20 locations all over the world with its base of operations in Dubai, UAE. The company specializes in engineering, architecture, real estate and construction.

Hussain has worked diligently over the years to carve his name in the list of influential entrepreneurs in the world.


Hussein Sajwani graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University Of Washington. After his education, Hussain set off his career at a subsidiary branch of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company as the Contracts Manager.

This proved to be a short stint which then inspired his move into the entrepreneurship world. This move was characterized by the inception of a food service company which catered to prolific companies like the US Army and Betchel.

He also went into the hospitality industry by undertaking the construction of various hotels to cater to the rising crop of tourists flocking the country for business purposes.

DAMAC Properties

Following a directive from the government that allowed foreigners to own properties in the country, Hussain Sajwani took hold of this opportunity and established DAMAC properties. The company undertook the responsibility of conceptualizing ethereal commercial, residential and luxury properties in the Middle East and Dubai. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

The firm provides a conducive working environment for the members of their workforce. The team is skilled and strives to provide the best services and products for their wide range of clients.

Due to the exceptional standing status that DAMAC Properties have, it has collaborated with the Trump Organization to handle various projects. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

The most notable project is the development of two golf courses that has Trump branding. Hussain Sajwani and President Trump are not only businessmen but are also close family friends as well.

DAMAC Properties has significantly grown, and this is evident by the number of awards that it has been accorded.

Role in the Community

Hussain Sajwani is also an active philanthropist and has participated in various charitable campaigns.

He was most recently involved in a campaign run by the Emirates Red Crescent that offset an initiative to clothe children in deprived locations around the world. For this cause, Hussain contributed AED two million.

The Productive Career Of Betsy DeVos

Many different people have different careers and operate at different levels of productivity. Some people just manage to make a successful career for themselves while others actually make a positive impact on the world. The way they manage to make an impact on the world is by finding something that they are interested in. One thing they do is find an issue in the community and do the best they can in order to fix the issue. When they do that, they manage to not only make a name for themselves, but actually inspire people to make positive changes in their communities.

One person who has made a ton of positive changes in her community is Betsy DeVos. Betsy has worked very hard in bringing forth solutions to the problems she has seen in schools. One good thing about her is that she has done everything she can to set herself apart from other politicians. One thing that is certain is that politicians are typically not looked at with all that much respect because they are believed to make promises but not deliver on them. However, Betsy DeVos makes sure that she delivers on the promises that she makes. She does not propose a solution until she has thought things through. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

One thing that makes Betsy Devos such an effective individual is that she has a lot of experience in the political world. Therefore, she knows what it takes to actually bring forth a solution to problems that are going to make a real difference in the lives of others. Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos are very involved in the education process. Therefore, they are making a huge difference in the world of education in a short amount of time.

One thing that Betsy DeVos knows is that it it is never enough. People that make lasting changes are the ones that are always moving forward with something. Betsy DeVos does not try to settle with just getting by. She knows that the best way to get something done is to go above and beyond. Therefore, she has not only brought forth a new form of education but also gained a respectable image among people for her contributions to the educational system. Read more news on

Securus Technologies – Serving Over A Million Inmates In The United States

Securus Technologies, a market leader in the correctional space, provides services such as phone services, video services, jail voicemail, money transfer, email services, and more. The company is serving the correctional and law enforcement sphere as a leading technology firm for many years and has a broad portfolio of products and services that continue to expand. It launches on average at least one service a week, which makes it one of the most innovative and high performance oriented tech firms in its sector.


It has over 600 patents to its name and serves over 1,200,000 inmates across the country. Its clientele also includes over 3,450 law enforcement and public safety agencies. The company is looking to expand its service sector and reach out to other states across the country. It has one of the most affordable products and services for the correctional space, and its services are highly sought after by the inmates as well because of its excellent customer service and low cost.


The company recently launched the highly talked about video visitation service that allows the friends and family of inmates to talk with inmates face to face over a video call. It is a very convenient and interactive manner to keep in touch with the friends and families, and inmates are in love with the video visitation service. Securus Technologies continues to update its services and find new ways to help bring prisoners and their families closer. It recently published a press release online where it also showcased what the law enforcement officials and agencies think about the company’s products and services. It has helped the law enforcement officials to catch the culprit quickly and also stop drug trafficking inside the prison.


I only love the services of Securus Technologies because it offers affordable and customer oriented services that are highly helpful for people in prison like me.


Oncotarget: Towards Research-Based Information Dispensation

Information is an important part of any engagement or dispensation. However, when it processed from data collected from scientific research its value increases many folds. As one of the leading causes of death globally, cancer is increasingly becoming a popular research subject with many resources dedicated to understanding the disease and finding its cure. Availability of information on cancer, treatment and prevention is therefore crucial in the fight against cancer. Oncotarget; a weekly medical journal, has taken a front row seat in the fight against cancer by publishing peer-reviewed scientific research on several disciplines. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

Open Access and Popularity

Oncotarget is one of the leading peer-reviewed medical journal published on a weekly basis. The researches published in the journal are carried out by highly qualified scientists committed to advancing knowledge on the numerous disciplines covered by the journal. The multidisciplinary nature of the articles published in the journal under the sponsorship of Gordon Research Conference has played a key role in the popularity of the journal beyond scientific cycles. The journal is published by Impact Journals and uses an open model for its online versions. This has played a key role in its popularity including its impressive impact factor and Scopus/JSR ranking.

With over ten thousand citations since its establishment in 2010, Oncotarget offers very constructive researches on the various disciplines beyond oncology. Readers can access free insightful research-based information on cardiology, cell biology, neuroscience, cancer and molecular biology among other disciplines. The journal is committed towards ensuring that these researches achieve the desired impact. Additionally, Oncotarget seeks to bridge the gap between various biomedical science fields by offering a collaborative, open access platform for interaction.

Editorial Team

Oncotarget has a highly qualified editorial team made up of professionals with impeccable career and education profiles. The individuals have years of experience working in various positions including research scientists and professors. Mikhail Blagosklonny, its current editor-in-chief is a seasoned scholar and research scientists with experience as a professor and researcher in cancer. His is especially interested in anti-aging therapy as a cancer treatment option. These individuals combine their wealth of knowledge and experience to credible peer-reviews, which have played a key role in the journal’s popularity.

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Bustle’s Wen Review

Have you been thinking about trying Wen? If you want to use natural products on your hair and prefer products that will protect color-treated hair, Wen could be the answer. Before you make your first Wen purchase, take a look at this Bustle review from Emily McClure to help you make your final choice.

Emily tried Wen hair Fig conditioner for a full week. She stated that her hair felt better after the first wash, even though she had to use a considerable amount of conditioner. Near the middle of the week, there was a day when McClure was rushing and didn’t have time to wash her hair before work. She used a curling iron to style her hair that day, and her curls fell after a few hours. Even though her style didn’t say intact, she says that the conditioner still kept her hair moisturized througout the day.

Before the week was over, Emily’s friends noticed that her hair was shinier. Overall, McClure says her hair looked and felt healthier, and she’d used Wen conditioner again. She also says that this product works well for women who want to add more volume to their hair, or protect their hair from daily heat styling.

Wen hair care products are available online on eBay, the Guthy-Renker store and on QVC. See,, Try it today!